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House of Angels

The following materials was created in my Art Direction class. Our team’s campaign was chosen as the winner from the House of Angels board. A Non-profit company aimed to help the homeless children of Jacksonville. Our team consisted of: Pamela Rodgers, Sarena Calhoun, Emily Demonbrun, Caren Chowrimootoo, Misha Mochalkin, and myself.



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Zombie Robot

A little T-Shirt design i created. Who doesnt love zombies and robots?

Popular Mechanics Publication

This project was for my publication design class. We were to choose an existing magazine and give it a new content and a new look. I chose to do a Popular Mechanics publication from 2003.

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Sweet Baby Ray’s Product redesign

Sweet Baby Ray’s has always been a favorite barbecue sauce of mine. I feel they are due for a re-branding soon so this is my take. The sauce is the BOSS!

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