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Sweet Baby Ray’s Product redesign

Sweet Baby Ray’s has always been a favorite barbecue sauce of mine. I feel they are due for a re-branding soon so this is my take. The sauce is the BOSS!

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TATA nano campaign manual

This is a campaign manual for the Design Marketing class. The manual is complete with multiple ads for web, outdoor, magazine, and television.

Target wood screws

This is one of the first projects for my package design class. This was designed as a high end product targeted toward women and sold as a part of the Target brand.

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Krystal packaging

Another project for my Package Design class. We were to design seven packages for the Krystal burger line. I wanted the packages to have the same look and feel across the whole line, so i used similar angles across the boxes. Also i kept the Kristal logo and descriptions in the same spot on all of the boxes to ensure consistency through out the product line. Now to differentiate between the boxes, I separated the seven boxes into three categories: The burger, chicken, and the breakfast line. Each of the three have almost complete separate color schemes. Within the three groups, the boxes have a variation of the color schemes to match the similar product. The colors chosen were carefully picked to represent the actual product inside the box.

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Beer Pong table

When art and beer come together.

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Reverb Guitar Strings. POP display

This was a project for my Package Design class. The POP display (Point of Purchase) is intended to sit atop a counter close to the cash register for an easy “grab and go.”  The colors and design chosen is to differentiate from competition guitar strings.  I wanted to go for more of a updated modern feel to capture the attention of “new school” musicians. The colors represent the different gauges of strings for an electric guitar.

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