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House of Angels

The following materials was created in my Art Direction class. Our team’s campaign was chosen as the winner from the House of Angels board. A Non-profit company aimed to help the homeless children of Jacksonville. Our team consisted of: Pamela Rodgers, Sarena Calhoun, Emily Demonbrun, Caren Chowrimootoo, Misha Mochalkin, and myself.



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Outfitters Graphic Standards Manual

The Outfitters Graphic Standards was a project for my Cooperate Identity class. Outfitters is a clothing company with retail stores similar to American Eagle and Old Navy. The manual contains the proper brand identity standards for use in publications, promotional, and marketing materials. It gives general trademark guidelines as well as specific instruction on use and misuse of the logo. Click to download the PDF

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“Have a Volcom summer” campaign

Volcom magazine ad

The “Have a Volcom summer” campaign was an assignment for my Electronic Pre-Press class. The campaign is for Volcom’s 2010 summer catalog.

Newspaper ad


“Analog” newsletter



This is a newsletter I designed last quarter for my Digital Grid Systems class. The nameplate would change color for every issue of the newsletter. The newsletter is targeted towards young gamers, providing previews for upcoming video games across all gaming platforms.

Black fly Graphics Standards Manual

This is a 16 page Graphic Standards Manual made for the microbrewery “Black fly” in my Corporate Identity class.

TATA nano campaign manual

This is a campaign manual for the Design Marketing class. The manual is complete with multiple ads for web, outdoor, magazine, and television.


This is a poster I designed back in the day for my History of Pop Culture class. The theme is of early propaganda posters from the 1900’s.